This spreadsheet includes:

  • win-loss records for every singles wrestler, tag team, and trios team that has competed in AEW.

  • the history of top 5 rankings in men's singles, women's singles, and men's tag team divisions

  • a list of all ranked and unranked matches in AEW

  • charts tracking wrestlers and teams with the most career wins

This spreadsheet includes:

  • title histories (including challengers) for AEW sanctioned titles, unsanctioned titles, vlog titles, and titles from other promotions that have been defended in AEW

  • data for each title's champions and challengers

  • battle royal and tournament winner histories

  • data for events, referees, and locations for each sanctioned title

  • charts ranking sanctioned title reigns by several criteria

This spreadsheet includes:

  • history of events held by AEW

  • numbers of matches in each division for each event

  • event location and attendance data

  • charts for Dynamite and Rampage ratings

This spreadsheet includes:

  • AEW wrestlers' rankings on Pro Wrestling Illustrated lists (PWI 500, PWI Women's 100, PWI Tag Team 50)

  • PWI and WON year end awards won by AEW and AEW talent

  • AEW Dynamite awards